Personal software fully integrated. Flexibility and compatibility.

Flexibility and compatibility.

Breitenbach software engineering based in Germany was established in 1980 and today is the leading provider of Time & Attendance and Shift Scheduling in Europe.

Time Recording System

Man power is one of the most costly variables for any organization and not necessarily driven by high wages but instead existing capacity not being managed effectively.
With this, it is therefore critically important to ensure all staff resources are operating in an optimal fashion to ensure profitability. With Time Recording System (ZMS), you will have access to an industry-independent and innovative software solution which provides optimal balance between working time and actual work required. This results in increased efficiencies with a higher degree of employee satisfaction.

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Acquisition of Production Data

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a process that operates production management system. It also establishes a connection between the data at the production level and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) phase. With the integrating of ERP and MES, this results in a detailed real time process enabling unlimited possibilities. The control of production in a real-time environment
ensures a high degree of transparency, traceability while capturing down-time and over-capacity anomalies.

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Personnel Planning Service

With the Personnel Planning Service (PPL) from Breitenbach, you have access to an efficient state of the art planning and management tool. This will empower your organization to create scheduling solutions that will ensure availability for customers while maintaining complete flexibility.

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Personnel Management System

PMS accesses its data from a central repository system (ZMS). PMS offers intelligent human resource management. This software incorporates licensing information, special certifications, specialty training along with employee profile into a scheduling model.
In addition, the PMS platform is also capable of managing the complete on-boarding process. PMS is capable of advertising a position, accepting applicants, reviewing applicants to determine good fit and facilitating the interviewing process.

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Access Control System

The ZKS – Access Control System by Breitenbach gives you the ability to secure a facility using a number of different criteria’s. With this system, access can be granted based on job descriptions, business needs, compliance requirements, company data protection and a host of other factors.

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The founder, Wolfgang Breitenbach, wanted to develop an intelligent HR Management system that was capable of integrating E-Roster, Time & Attendance, Work Force Management and Access control which offered ease of connectivity with existing client’s software.

Nearly 40 years experience, Breitenbach software engineering has dominated the European market performing in excess of 3000 successful implemented modules over an extremely diversified sector of the economy. Breitenbach’s software solutions are innovative, integrative and extremely flexible. Additionally, the software is configurable and can be customized by the client to meet the needs of any industry on-demand.


BMS / MES – Operational Data Management System

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2018

We wish you a lot of fun and relaxing hours on the reflective Christmas days and for the new year a good start and good luck and success in all your projects and plans. We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and are also counting on...

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PPL – Personnel Placement / Service Planning

PG22 Service Plan Status The service plan status allows you to perform an immediate release in the personnel placement service application- p200. The list is updated instantaneously without having to change the program enabling greater efficiency at the...

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