Manufacturing Execution System

Increase of productivity

Machine data acquisition offers the systematic recording of machine signals and states, and replaces manual, time-consuming, hand-written log sheets and analyses. The improved transparency and timeliness of data allows for an improvement in machine capacity utilization and optimization of productivity by rapid reaction to unplanned downtimes. The machine-to-system connection is made, depending on the age of the machine, over a separate signal transmitter, or by direct communication and standardized protocols with a network connection (Euromap 63, OPC, Profibus, host computer interfaces).

All benefits at a glance:

• Efficient planning
• Easy handling of machine capacities and resources
• Permanent process visualization
• High systems transparency
• Real-time control of production
• Discovery of weak points and bottlenecks
• Ability to react quickly
• Improved process quality
• Improved use of existing capacities
• Gapless traceability of products and components
• Reduction of operating and personnel costs and downtimes
• Lowering of reworking costs
• Short-term return on investment (ROI) for the company