Safe investment into the future with ZMS – Time Recording System

What is the obligation to record working hours?

The obligation to record time is a mandatory, structured recording of all working times, including break times and overtime.

From when will the obligation to record time apply?

First of all, the existing law on the documentation of working times will continue to apply. This right will be replaced as soon as the German parliament packs the ruling of the ECJ into a new law and passes it. A fixed date has not yet been announced. According to expert estimates, this may still take several months. It does not matter when the ruling comes into force in Germany and other EU countries: A time management system is already an advantage for most companies today. Especially if employees are paid by the hour or several flexible working time models are supported, a documentation of the working time is mandatory.

ZMS – Time Recording System, the digital time recording system that is conforms to the European Court of Justice regulations.

The advantages compared to other methods are the following:
• Flexible working time models
• Cost reduction through optimization or avoidance of idle, normal and overtime hours
• Transparency between employer and employee
• Increase in productivity and working atmosphere
• Clear, ergonomic user interface
• Relief from routine administrative tasks
• Simplification of work processes
• Constant practice-oriented further development
• Permanent cost controlling
• Support for decentralised corporate structures
• Very high degree of integration due to flexible and modular design
• Individual adaptation of the standard software to your wishes and needs through parameterization
• Paperless approval workflow
• International, multilingual solution
• Planning security
• Investment protection
• ZMS Online – Mobile data acquisition
• All working hours can be recorded and edited conveniently via smartphone or tablet, independent of time and location.

We therefore recommend switching over to our digital time recording system ZMS – Time Recording System as early as possible. This way you are perfectly prepared when the recording of working hours becomes mandatory.