The European Court of Justice ruled on 14 May 2019 (Case C-55/18) that employers must record the entire working time of their employees on a time-certain basis. According to this ruling, employers are obligated under the European Working Time Directive 2003/88/EC to create reliable systems with which the daily working time of each employee can be measured.
Employers must document the start, duration and end of their employees’ working hours, particularly regarding to the minimum wage law and the law on the posting of workers. Without these provisions, the number of hours worked, overtime hours, bonuses for night work, weekends and public holidays, sick days, customer meetings, holiday periods and their distribution over time could not be determined objectively and reliable.
Those who already think long-term and rely on our software module ZMS – Time Recording System will save themselves unnecessary hassle.

Our time management system helps you to reduce confusing and paper-intensive work in the personnel department by using individually analyzable data and automatically transferring it via interface for further processing to the wage and salary program ZMSLohn – Payroll Accounting or to PPL – Personnel Planning System. Such workflow scenarios simplify the processes in the company and create additional evaluation options.