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Stay up-to-date with the free Breitenbach newsletter. Breitenbach Software Engineering as a service provider aspires to keep you up to date on the latest developments in customer care for interesting software and hardware products, events, trade fairs, trainings and...

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Objectives of personnel controlling

The objectives of personnel controlling must be based on the overall business objectives and the objectives of the hospital mission statement. In contrast to market-oriented companies, the main objective of a hospital is not to maximise profits in the long term, but...

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Möhnesee training courses / online training courses

With our training programme in the 2nd half of 2021, we offer you a demand-oriented and practice-proven training offer. Our training offer is optimally tailored to our portfolio and the most diverse customer requirements. Current dates and further information can be...

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MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Rising cost pressure requires a more actual personnel application planning in manufacturing Since 1980 the name Breitenbach stands for efficient and optimised solutions for all processes of your personnel economy, personnel planning and operational data...

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Breitenbach Server Hosting / Cloud

Breitenbach Server Hosting / Cloud takes care of the management of your solution so that you can focus only on your core competencies and benefit from the advantages of your Breitenbach solution. This relieves your IT department and frees up capacities. Our service...

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Personnel planning in the health care

Breitenbach's personnel placement / service planning provides you with an efficient planning and management tool for all health care facilities (municipal, ecclesiastical, private hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, nursing / retirement homes, diaconal services, etc.)...

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Go into the future

Mobile working, not missing any important information and saving valuable time will become more and more relevant for more people in the future. For a good year now, our world has changed massively through and with Covid-19. The ongoing pandemic is also leading to...

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Online training

Are you looking for a Breitenbach training course for your further education? When many employees in different departments need to be trained, this is always an organisational challenge. Different times of entry as well as company affiliations and very different...

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ZMS – Time Recording System

Progressive digitalisation, new draft laws, new working concepts and an individualised society are massively and continuously changing the world of work. With the ruling on the obligation to systematically record working time, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has...

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