PegaSys eHandle – electronic door handle

The electronic door handle PegaSys eHandle impresses with its powerful and at the same time user-friendly handling and its clear design. As part of an electronic locking system, it offers an attractive option for all areas of use in the building to be secured in order to achieve the desired security standard indoors, whether it is a university, a hospital, the office building of a bank or insurance company or a public administration building. The PegaSys eHandle is easy to install and features broad compatibility with European lock standards. The various versions of the PegaSys eHandle can be used in standard doors made of wood, steel and aluminium as well as narrow-frame doors. Thus the PegaSys eHandle is suitable for the most different requirements in new or existing buildings.

Fully integrated into the Breitenbach access control system

In the context of an electronic locking system, the PegaSys eHandle takes over the function of the key by checking access authorisations and allowing only authorised persons to open the door. From the user’s point of view, the “key” is a card-based access medium or key fob. As a rule, installation and removal do not require any time-consuming assembly work. As a rule, the existing door handle can be replaced with the electronic door handle.

• Storage of NetworkOnCard® data for checking access rights
• Reading of offline data (NetworkOnCard®) of current RFID badges (Mifare, Legic) and release with valid authorization
• Use of PegaSys Mobile, an NFC-based, wireless service tool for reading out and programming locks using a tablet PC, for example.
• Individual badges can be programmed directly on the PegaSys eHandle and allow autonomous operation if required.
• Simple installation by replacing the existing mechanical lever handle. Conforms to current European lock standards.
• Signalisation optically via LEDs and acoustically

• Automatic wake-up function when the badge nears the reading area of the PegaSys eHandle.
• Time-controlled access possible (access from / to certain times only; several time intervals; consideration of public holidays)
• Summer/winter time changeover
• Acoustic battery warning signal for weak batteries
• Optical signals when reading the badge
• Security and low costs in case of loss of identity card. A blocking list for blocked badges prevents corresponding access bookings.
• No need to install a power or data cable connection

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