Breitenbach supports hospitals, clinics and nursing institutions in making intelligent decisions

PPL – Personal Management by Breitenbach is a planning and control-supported, integrative system that helps the leadership team in the estimation of its decisions and in particular, shows the economic and social impact.

The goal of any organization in any industry is to derive the greatest possible benefit from a given budget without neglecting social goals.
The main objective of HR is the continuous comparison of planned and current situations, so that any qualitative and / or quantitative staff shortages or surpluses can be identified at an early stage.

PPL – Personal Controlling is not a tool for reducing job requirements, but rather a system, e.g. improve working atmosphere, motivation, job satisfaction and leadership style.

Qualified personnel controlling acts as a guide and ensures that the human workforce is handled effectively and efficiently.
Personnel management means that all actions, e.g. hospital management are focused on those working in hospitals to achieve the highest quality and quantity of work.
These functions make it clear that not only the HR manager, but every single employee benefits from a qualified personnel application.

Goals of Personnel Controlling:
• Improvement of the structure and development of personnel costs
• Increased flexibility in human resources
• Ensuring and improving coordination in the area of ​​human resources, triggered by the increasing number of tasks as well as by the specialization and decentralization of human resources
• Profitability and prevention of losses in the health sector
• Improving the decision-making basis for HR activities, e.g. Determining the concrete benefits of personnel development measures
• Reduction of staff turnover
• Increase labor productivity
• Improving the motivation of all employees and the overall working environment
• Use and promotion of learning and preventive effects
• Securing and increasing the acceptance of personnel controlling during implementation