Personnel Placement / Services Planning

Modern shift planning

With high personnel costs along with the desire to reduce operating expenses, while maintaining a high degree of customer and employee satisfaction, companies are often challenged with this task.

The right people at the right place at the right time

Efficient service and personnel deployment planning, taking into account of the personnel costs and the permanent reconciliation of personnel requirements, is essential for the future and competitiveness of companies.

Optimally plan and use your resources with the right software

Breitenbach’s personnel deployment / service planning provides you with an efficient planning and management tool for dealing with your requirements for retail companies, service providers, industry and health care facilities.

All benefits at a glance:

• Reduction of planning complexity
• Less (or no) documents
• Extremely user friendly for users at all levels
• Short-term responses to planned bottlenecks, redundancies, etc.
• Consideration of employees’ interests during the deployment planning (increase of motivation)
• Consideration of planning parameters
• Low training costs
• Cost cutting
• Simplification of work processes
• Avoiding expensive overtime or unproductive idle runs
• Permanent cost control during planning
• Planning security