Access Control System

Facility security is paramount for all organizations. The Access Control System (ZKS) gives an organization the ability to permit physical access based on job functions. This ensures that an organization can satisfy not only the privacy and compliance requirement of running a business but also, adhere to the different regulatory bodies that govern a particular industry. This capability has a series of control mechanisms that can be engaged thus allowing complete flexibility.

All benefits at a glance:

• Creation of authorization profiles
• Monitoring and control of doors, turnstiles, barriers and elevators
• Extensive visitor management
• Support of common reading procedures for transponders, key tags or badges
• Combination with biometric terminals
• System security in case of power failure by automatic switching to offline status
• Access control at the PC workstation through the Breitenbach PC authentication system

Breitenbach offers a large selection of electronic and mechatronic access components based on the latest RFID technology.

One thing is certain in our fast-paced world: nothing stays as it is. Security systems must be able to adapt flexibly to new situations, staff change, keys are lost or structural changes have to be taken into account.
Everywhere, whether you are responsible for the safety of a clinic, a university building, an airport, office or industrial building, it is necessary to secure one or a thousand doors in one or more locations. With the flexible access control systems from PegaSys, combined with the intelligent software solution from Breitenbach, we offer cost-effective, flexible and modularly expandable solutions that meet your requirements.

Contents of the product description:

• Offline Access Control Systems
• The system adapts to your changes
• Offline Stand Alone
• NetworkOnCard
• Validation Online / Offline
• NFC – Near Field Communication
• Mobile Key
• Electronic hardware
• Door Handle
• Electronic lock cylinder
• Cabinet Lock
• Offline wall reader
• Authorization reader