Access Control System

Efficient, modular, reliable and individual

The ZKS access control system can be used to secure buildings, rooms, areas, persons, goods values, important data and company know-how as well as to monitor and control various building facilities.
With ZKS, you can solve your safety and organizational tasks economically, comfortably and reliably. Various control mechanisms can be combined with each other and thus enable flexible extensions.

ZKS – Visitor Management

Especially in medium-sized and large companies, which receive a large number of guests every day, the visitors’ management of Breitenbach is an indispensable tool for optimizing processes.
Each visitor is registered via the system. This includes the name, company, date of the visit, along with a whole slew of other information. In addition, the contact person as a visiting person and the access authorization of the guest are always registered in the system in order to guarantee the company a high degree of security.

All benefits at a glance:

• Creation of authorization profiles
• Monitoring and control of doors, turnstiles, barriers and elevators
• Extensive visitor management
• Support of common reading procedures for transponders, key tags or badges
• Combination with biometric terminals
• System security in case of power failure by automatic switching to offline status
• Access control at the PC workstation through the Breitenbach PC authentication system