The ZMS online application for mobile time recording on smartphone or tablet will ensure maximum comfort and mobility in the future:
To use the “ZMS Online” application on smartphones or tablets, it is necessary to integrate it into the company network (via WLAN, UMTS, or VPN tunnel).
The employee records the start and end of operational activities directly and electronically via a mobile device at the point of use, exactly when the time records are generated.
All times can be conveniently recorded while on the way using the Android App or iOS App. The evaluation takes place via PC, tablet or mobile phone.

“ZMS Enterprise” is integrated into the existing ZMS infrastructure of the Breitenbach customer by integrating the booking server.
In principle, all existing evaluations from the ZMS server can be displayed on the Android or Apple mobile phone, e.g. incoming and outgoing bookings, holiday planning, operational data acquisition bookings via the operational data management system (BMS / MES), all Smart Home functions from the multifunction terminal, master record data via keyboard input, barcode or personal data, etc.
Each of your employees is only activated by the administrator after logging in, after the identity of the mobile phone number of the respective employee is ensured. Unauthorized persons therefore have no access.

• better service
• mobility
• increased productivity
• fast and uncomplicated
• use independent of time and location
• lower administrative burden
• no additional hardware required

Increased productivity, improved service and motivated staff are just some of the benefits that result from using ZMS Online.
Work on the way and don’t miss any important information and save valuable time – that’s Mobile Workforce Management from Breitenbach.

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