PPL trainings at Möhnesee from 26-28 March 2019 and 08-10 October 2019

The personnel placement / service planning supports you in planning, control or evaluation. The convenient graphical user interface offers you a very high degree of functionality and transparency at all times.

Introductory training

Course description:
This introductory course teaches you the basic functions of service planning. You will learn the connections between master data and planning.

Course contents in key points:
• Introduction to the program interface
• Creation of service plans
• Planning of characteristics
• Entry of additional information
• Getting to know the functions in the totals column
• Depositing a requirement
• Service plan violations
• Creation of service plans using plan rhythms
• Service planning status levels
• Evaluations in the service plan system

Master key user training

Course description:
In this course you will get to know the full potential of parameterization possibilities in the field of personnel placement and service planning through practical examples.

Course contents in key points:
• New creation of departments and stations
• Create and edit department groups
• Authorizations in the service planning system
• Creation of data protection areas and allocation to user administration
• New creation and processing of time models
• Assignment of time models to stations and departments
• Creation of characteristics
• Creation of shift rotation
• New creation and updating of minimum staffing levels
• CSV export of evaluations
• Editing status levels
• Adaptation of the service plan printout to internal requirements

Please contact us for further information on the training courses:
Mr. Hendrik Ernst
Phone: +49 2924 9700 – 132
Fax: +49 2924 9700 – 8132
E-mail: schulung@bb-sw.de

We look forward to your participation.

Your Breitenbach training team