Time Recording System

Global competition and increasing cost pressure demand flexible work time models

The strategic factor “work time” is one of the most cost-intensive factors for a company – not least due to the high fringe costs that come with it. The aim is therefore to employ the resource “employees” optimally in order to remain competitive.

Time is (more than) money

Reliable studies have shown that with modern time attendance management, euro sums in the double figures can be saved for each month and employee.
Yet professional time attendance management means more than just lowering labour costs as such. Today‘s leading personnel managers equate increasing productivity, customer-oriented work time flexibilization and boosting employee motivation at least as importantly.

Efficiently using your valuable resource „time“ with the right software

With the Breitenbach Time Attendance Management System (ZMS), you gain an intelligent and innovative software solution for making an optimum comparison of work times with the actual work requirement. ZMS adapts to your requirements as well as your corporate structure, and supports you when developing new, flexible work time models.
Our software solution can be employed in any industry and in any sized company – from small to medium-sized companies to international consolidated groups. With a firm basis of modern, modular software architecture with a scalable range of functions, you are equipped for today‘s and tomorrow‘s duties.

ZMS Online – Mobile Time Management

Keeping pace with innovation while maintaining complete flexibility and accessibility, Personnel Management has the capability to be managed from all mobile devices. Via a mobile app, users can log, edit, exchange time/scheduling data in a real time environment. This can be done both at the colleague and leadership levels. This capability allows for an automated and consistent approach from a Human Resources perspective. As a direct result of this, organizations realize an increase in employee satisfaction as they now have the tools to help them achieve work life balance while ensuring complete transparency.

Your advantages at a glance:

• Flexible work time models
• Reduce costs by optimizing or avoiding idle times, normal hours and overtime
• Boost employee motivation
• Increase productivity
• Clear, understandable ergonomic user interface
• Relief of routine administrative duties
• Simplification of work processes
• Constant practical advancement
• Permanent cost controlling
• Return on investment within a few months
• Support of decentralized corporate structures
• Rapid introduction by progressive training concept (train-the-trainer principle)
• Extremely high degree of integration by flexible, modular structure
• Paperless approval workflow
• International, multilingual solution
• Planning certainty
• Protection of investment